Dear Members,

 The New Ansty 200 Club

We launched the new Ansty 200 Club at the beginning of the month, with the first draw (the June draw) scheduled for the 1st July at the ACC Bingo fundraiser.  The flyer and entry form will tell you more about the Club and how you can get involved, see the links below. 

Can we take this opportunity to explain why we are launching the 200 Club now. 

 For many years, the Ansty CC and the old Sports and Social Club have enjoyed the services of Brian Fletcher and a crew of very capable volunteers who have given their time freely to prepare wickets and maintain the grounds at Ansty.  This work expanded over the last decade with the taking on of the North Ground and the work on the new cricket square and improvement of the football pitch.

 With Brian taking a well-deserved step back, we are having to take a fresh approach to the maintenance of the cricket and football grounds.  This involves relying on contractors to deliver the end of season renovation work on the pitches (football and cricket) and in-season pitch preparation.  The volunteering continues with Stilly spending more hours on the roller than he would care to count and Baz sitting on the mower to keep the squares and outfield in order, but these efforts alone cannot meet the Club needs.  Nor should we count on them.

 You might look at the 200 Club and think ‘What’s in it for me?’.  Don’t just focus on the chance to share on the 50% prize fund, keep the 50% which will go into the maintenance fund in clear view.  This is the part which will directly benefit all members by delivering the playing facilities we rely on and helping towards their improvement over time.

 Brian Fletcher has been the supreme ‘giver’ to Ansty Sports Club by devoting many hours over many years without charge.  We can never match his contribution, but we can join him by helping to put something back in through the 200 Club fundraiser.

 You can quickly find out more about the Ansty 200 Club by reading the flyer link.  The entry form is straightforward to complete and can be downloaded via the entry form link.  Further details including the rules of the 200 Club are on the website at

 Please enlist for the 200 Club today! 

 And don’t forget to enlist friends and family.

 Every contribution counts! 

 Thank you for your support.

 Shaun Janman                                                 John Thorpe                                      Chris Monk
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