Ansty 200 Club

The Ansty Community Sports Club ‘200 Club’ is being introduced as a major fundraising vehicle for the club. It has been launched to raise funds to help meet the growing cost of maintaining our facilities.  All proceeds from the draw will be used for the benefit of members. For the cost of £5.00 per month per number members get a chance of winning one of the three prizes equivalent to 25 per cent, 14 per cent and 8 per cent of the total value of the month’s entry.  There will one bonus draw – each Christmas – where the three prizes will be 50 per cent, 20 per cent and 10 per cent of the entry. 

With 100 members, the ‘200 Club’ would contribute £3,000 a year to club funds, making a vital contribution in helping to keep our playing facilities in good order and helping to keep membership fees at their current levels.  If we can grow the membership beyond 100 towards the 200-member ceiling, we can do even better.  The cost of the ticket, equivalent to £5 a month, little more than the cost of a pint, you can give yourself an opportunity to win one of the prizes and help to contribute to the running of the Club.

To join the ‘200 Club’ you need to complete the entry form and set up a regular monthly payment.

You can download the entry form  Here  Full rules Here    Large image of Flyer Here

Entry forms should be sent to Owen Travis, the ACSC Treasurer, using the details on the form or left in the bar.