Ansty Cricket Club
Cricket Training Nets Policy

You may only use the nets if:

1. You are a paid member of Ansty Cricket Club, visiting playing team (adults only) or persons who have permission from the committee. Parents of junior members may also use the net when supervising their children.
2. You follow the net safety rules
3. You use the correct kit in the nets and abide by the equipment and bowling machine rules
4. Use of the nets is subject to availability with booked sessions taking priority.
5. Nets are not to be used before 10am and after 8pm to respect local neighbours.
6. The nets are to remain locked using the combination lock when not in use and it is the responsibility of the approved Ansty Cricket Club member who unlocks the facility that it is locked when use is over.
7. Members under the age of 18 using the facility are the responsibility of their parents/guardians/carers.

The committee reserves the right to withdraw the privilege of using the nets from members who do not follow these rules.

Kit & Equipment

1. No kit bags should be inside the nets cage.
2. Suitable footwear must be worn i.e rubber-soled (non-marking) cricket shoes or trainers. [No spikes, no smooth soles, no non-sports shoes].
3. Batters working with a hard ball must wear adequate protection, helmet, box, pads etc.
4. The surface of the nets must not be marked with chalk or any other material. Cones, discs or similar non marking items should be used instead.
5. Refrain from tapping bats excessively at the crease.
6. Only proper leather cricket balls, bowling machine balls, tennis balls or purpose made “incrediballs” to be used in nets.
7. Balls loose between the netting system should not be hit clear with a bat but removed by hand to minimise damage and only when bowling in both lanes has
8. No footballs or rugby balls to be used in or against the nets.
9. No climbing, leaning or bouncing off the nets.
10. No rubbish or litter is to be left in or around the nets and is to be removed for proper disposal elsewhere.
11. There is to be NO foul language in or around the nets – this is to respect other club members and neighbouring houses that are close to the nets.
12. No smoking, food or liquids other than water in suitable plastic water bottles is allowed in the nets.
13. No radios or music of any kind should be played when in or around the nets.

Net Safety Rules

1. No spectators [except for qualified coaches] are to be in the nets when training is taking place.
2. Nets are only to be used with the gate closed but not locked.
3. Batters must pad up outside the net area.
4. Bowlers must only bowl when the batter is ready and face the batter at all times. Loose balls should be removed before bowling in the net.
5. A loud cry of “STOP” should stop activity in all nets immediately to address any safety problem.
6. Balls should be returned immediately by the batter and not left to lie loose in the net.
7. Balls must be retrieved from the side netting by the safe method. The safe method is:-

• Check no one is bowling in the net next to you.
• Once safe remove the ball from the net with your foot.
• When the ball is away from the net pick the ball up.
• Walk back to the back of the net keeping your eyes on the net at all times.
• Bowlers should take care not to cross into another lane to retrieve a ball.

8. Bowling must be in accordance with the laws of cricket. (From legal distance, legal action, no deliberate excess of short bowling).
9. Bowling machines. These should only be used by those qualified and/or authorised to do so and should not be used after 20.30 hours.
10. U16 players and below must be supervised by a responsible adult when in the nets at all times.

Nets used for arranged Colts practice sessions

For the safety of our youth members (those under the age of 18) the following additional procedures are in place.
1. The sessions MUST be conducted under the supervision of an ECB qualified coach.
2. Before practice commences coaches MUST check the cage and netting to ensure a safe environment.
3. All players using the net practice must behave in a proper and correct manner.
4. After each practice session the equipment MUST be stored away properly.

Bowling Machine Policy

The bowling machine is for the use of ALL members of the Club. It may be used with prior agreement from the Committee. The Committee has agreed that any user wishing to make use of the bowling machine MUST follow the guidelines set out below:

1. Nobody under the age of 18 may operate the bowling machine.
2. You may only use the bowling machine if accompanied by a qualified user (a qualified user is someone who has been shown how to use a bowling machine correctly).
3. Any member using the machine does so at his/her own risk.
4. The qualified user must ensure the safety of all people using the machine whilst in their care. All users must inform people of the importance of health and safety and gain their acceptance of this policy as well.
5. Any user that breaches the manufacturer’s recommended operating procedures does so completely at their own risk and the Club will accept no liability for the user’s failure to comply which may in turn lead to disciplinary action.
6. Any user causing damage may be liable for repair charges.
7. Any user in breach of any of these policies risks suspension from further use and possible disciplinary action.
8. Any user accepts FULL responsibility for the machine and sundries including balls. Any loss will result in the user being liable for replacement charges.

Use outside normal schedule club training sessions

In addition to the rules and guidelines above the following applies:-
1. The club will not accept responsibility for unaccompanied children using the nets facility
2. People using the nets without the supervision of a qualified coach do so AT THEIR OWN RISK
3. The nets must be left in the condition in which they were found with the gate securely locked and the combination lock scrambled. Any issues of concern should be brought to the attention of the Club Chairman or Safeguarding Officer Immediately. Contact details should be made via